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Capital Special Vehicles has a unique selection of market leading ramps for wheelchairs from around the world. Long or short, access to low steps or high vehicles, manual or electric chairs and scooters – we can help with a solution.


We understand that safely getting in and out of a vehicle can be problematic for someone in a wheelchair, which is why we can fit your vehicle with a wheelchair ramp as a part of your conversion.


For those with a disability, the prospect of even a few steps can be intimidating, which is why we can provide you with a ramp that lays across the stairs; your wheelchair can bypass them entirely.


We offer manual wheelchair access ramps, which means that they can be folded open and closed by hand. These are commonly utilised for access up stairs, but can also be installed in vehicles.


We also offer powered ramps, which are lowered and raised at the press of a button. Some can be operated whilst seated in the wheelchair or on the scooter, whereas others require the mobility aid to be empty.

Please contact our friendly staff for further assistance with your wheelchair ramps in Melbourne inquiry.