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Service & Repairs

Capital Special Vehicles Service divisions

It is important to service your car, but many people forget to service the conversion as well. When a car is serviced, not only do your oils get changed but checks are made for wear and tear as well (e.g. tyres, seat belt wear and light globes). The same applies for your wheelchair access conversion (e.g. wheelchair hoists need oil changes, adjustments to limit switches, ramps may need lubricant to hinge points, and wheelchair restraints or belts need to be assessed for wear and tear).

Capital Special Vehicles Service have qualified mechanics who can not only perform your vehicle's logbook service but understand wheelchair access conversions, too.

Preventative maintenance avoids unnecessary costs, inconvenienence and possible dangers (like breakdowns). Capital recommends service intervals of every six to twelve months depending on how frequently used. Contact Capital to discuss how often your type of conversion should be serviced with the amount of use you see.

Capital Repair Centres

In the unfortunate event that your car is damaged, Capital have a repair centre in each state of Australia. Whether it be a minor repair or extensive insurance damage, Capital have a trained team of mechanics that understand not only your vehicle but your conversion too.