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How much do I need for my conversion?

Depending on your exact requirements depends on how much you need to spend. Call to discuss your specifications or visit our show room so we can assist you with an accurate quotation. We can arrange a home visit if required.

Do I need to visit your showroom for a quotation?

No, with many years of experience, most specifications can be ironed out over the phone but it has been proven that a visit often clears up any uncertainties that may arise and we can also show you a full range of vehicles / equipment rather than one at a time. If you can’t make it to our show room we can also arrange a home visit.

Do I need an Occupational Therapist (OT)?

No not necessarily but often if there is funding from other sources required an OT is required to submit the funding submission and they are a very valuable professional that can also insure any unique or medical requirements can be taken into account.

Do I need a “Special” wheelchair to be able to driver from it?

No but the wheelchair does need to be assessed for its size and strength. A driver has to have a solid backrest and a head rest to comply with vehicle rules and we have designed products that can make wheelchairs comply. A docking pin & docking device also needs to be fitted.

Can I supply my own car for a wheelchair access conversion?

Yes you can, provided your vehicle is suited to the conversion you have in mind and if not new is still structurally and mechanically sound for required work.

Can all vehicles be fitted with hand controls?

We would like to say yes and so far that has been the case but with the variety of vehicles on the market we can only say call and ask. If we don’t know, we can find out and quote as applicable.

What is more popular, side or rear low floor conversion?

They are both popular their own right. Side entry positives are for its rear storage and towing ability. Rear as it is often cheaper and can often carry a longer wheelchair. One of the main reasons deciding one against the other is the parking area required where it will be garaged.

Why lower the floor instead of putting a hoist or lift in the back or side?

It comes down to the internal height required and door opening height. If the vehicle has the dimensions required a lowered floor is not required. Lower centre of gravity (better ride) and vision through windows (for wheelchair occupant) can be achieved with a lowered floor. If the floor is not lowered a hoist is usually the best option as ramps can become too long to store in vehicle with the regular floor height.